Saturday, August 11, 2012


Today's gift is babysitters!

You may be asking yourself, how can my daughter give me a babysitter as a gift.  It is quite simple....she is the reason we have the babysitters that we do!  I will not leave my children, especially my daughter with Rett Syndrome with just anyone...this person has to know all about my daughter AND have experience working with her.  I wish it was easier to find babysitters, but it is not.  This has been an ongoing challenge for us and when we find a special babysitter who we can trust and who we know is caring for our daughter they way we would we feel like we have won the lottery!

Tonight we had a babysitter!  She is incredible with all our kids, but especially our daughter.  I always (and think I always will!) feel a little nervous when I walk out the door, but she calms me down throughout the night with texts on how everyone is doing and if our daughter is not asleep when we think she should be, she tells me it is relax and have fun!  I love knowing that while I am out having a much needed  night out with my husband and/or friends, that I can relax and know everything is going to be okay.

I am very blessed that my daughter has touched our babysitter's life and that she wants to babysit for us even after school hours!  I just want our babysitter to know how much she means to us and how thankful we are to her for giving us a "break" so my husband and I can re-charge our batteries to keep going.

Tonight's blog entry is short.....because I am exhausted, but I could not go to bed without writing about today's gift.

I could not find a quote that I liked for tonight's gift; however, I could not help but remember one of my favorite movies from growing up..... The Adventures in Babysitting with Elizabeth Shue from 1987!  Luckily, babysitting my kids is nothing like this....though I am sure there are some adventures!

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