Thursday, August 2, 2012


I am sorry that this post is so late, but I am sure I will have more late night posts than early morning ones in the future.

Today's gift from my daughter was laughter.  To me, there is nothing like hearing my children laugh.  And there are many different kinds of laughs I get from her, as well as, from my other two children.

Let's start with the happy laugh.  This is how our morning actually started!  After we exchanged our good mornings and she had her morning medicine that she has to take before she can eat, it was time to get dressed.  I usually sing to her or she watches her favorite dvd that she watches in the morning, Hannah Montana's first season.  I think I have watched this so many times, I could play Hannah Montana!  Anyway,  there are some funny parts in each of the episodes and I am sure that my voice is enough to laugh at too.  She laughs the happy laugh at appropriate parts of the show!  It is so awesome to see, that she is 100% paying attention enough to get the humor.  I love it!  This alone makes me laugh.

Then there is the belly laugh.  We all know about the belly laugh.  The one where you are laughing so hard  that NOTHING comes out, you have tears coming out of your eyes, you pee your pants (oops, did I say this....) know the laugh I'm talking about.  Well, there are certain things our family does or says to my daughter that will throw her into this deep belly laugh.  Now to the outsider, you would think we are crazy and there is nothing funny at all being said.  I would agree with you....but when you see a child who is non-verbal get this deep belly laugh from something so silly, you can not help but laugh yourself and then it becomes funny.  I laugh because she is laughing and just seeing her happy and laugh makes me one happy momma!  Her sister found a new belly laugh word yesterday and we thought it was just by chance we got the response that we did, but the word was said today (about 50 times) and we got the same belly laugh!

And lastly, I would say she has the devil laugh.  I call it the devil laugh because she is laughing when she or someone else is either getting in trouble or doing something they know they should not be doing.  She loves to laugh at her brother in particular when he is getting in trouble and he HATES it.  He tells her it is not funny and that makes her laugh more!  Which then of course makes me laugh!  We have taught her to tell him that he is being naughty....we say "NAUGH" and she finishes by saying "T".    We also tell her she is being naughty when she becomes swiper and will swipe everything in sight onto the floor, or when she throws her connect fours pieces instead of putting them into the grid, or when she decides my pictures on the wall need to be name it she touches it!  And I will be honest, when she becomes swiper, it is not funny.  But what is funny, is that she knows she is being a little devil and at those moments she is doing everything on purpose to get my goat.  And she does a great job of it too!  At these times, I usually look at her and tell her she is lucky she is cute....and then hand over hand we pick up together what she has thrown down.  Sometimes she laughs even while she is cleaning up, as if to say "this isn't going to make me stop!"

I love that she has so many different laughs and that she finds things humorous.  I love that she is able to tell me through her laughs if she is happy, if she is having a good time, or if she is playing a joke on us.  I love she is able to laugh and that I am able to hear her giggles.  I guess I must be doing something right!

Quotes for today:

A day without laughter is a day wasted- Charlie Chaplin

All you need in the world is love and laughter.  That's all anybody needs.  To have love in one hand and laughter in the other- August Wilson