Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Family Time

Today's gift is family time.

The other day I mentioned in one of my posts, that we are a society that is constantly on the go.  And as kids get older, they become more and more involved in after school activities during the week and on the weekends (sometimes I think we should blame ourselves as we are the ones signing them up for everything!).  I prefer to have our children do their activities on the weekends, if possible, as then I can have help from my husband (and I don't like having to ask others for help with the kids as I feel bad), but then on the flip side we like to have time as a family too on the weekends.  However, with three children and three different activities we are often going off in different directions. 

Family time is very important to us and we value the time we share together.  My daughter with Rett Syndrome, loves it when we all do the simpliest things as a can be sitting on the porch together talking, playing a game together, going for walks, or going for golf cart rides at the beach.  It doesn't have to involve money, only quality time spent with each other.  By the time the weekends come I am ready to relax and not do any more running around. 

When our family goes on vacation we started "turning technology off" and enjoying the outdoors and each others company more (I know everyone in my family is laughing right now as I am the worst when it comes to turning technology iphone....I am addicted, I will not lie, but it is also my camera so it seems like I am on it more....but I have been much better than I have in the past!).  The kids complain when I tell them that they can not bring their iPads on vacation, but once we are there they forget all about it! 

This week we have been enjoying an incredible week at the beach with our family.  The tv has been off (except for a few occasions when my daughter with special needs needed to watch her favorite show and we wanted to avoid a behavior) and no one has missed it and no one has asked to watch a tv show or a movie....and we are surviving!!!!  No one has asked for their iPad or to use my iPhone, other than to look at the weather app....and they are surviving (I guess I could take a lesson from them too!).  We have had good ole' family fun... days on the beach and in the pool, talks on the porch before and after dinner, golf cart rides around the beach, playing games together, putting together a huge puzzle that took 3 days (I can't tell you the last time I did a puzzle with over 1000 pieces!).....and every other little moment in between.

Today's gift came to me this evening, when we were driving the golf cart around the beach roads after dinner laughing and giggling together (golf cart rides are always one of the main highlights of our beach trips!). There was even a light rain falling that didn't bother us or the moment.  When we went back to the house, we made desserts for the kids to enjoy on the porch where we continued to have quality family time together....with no interruptions.  The kids were talking about their day, saying how much they enjoyed our time a family, they both wanted their sister with Rett Syndrome to sit on their lap on the she took turns sitting on their laps.  When she was on my middle daughter's lap, she put her hands around her neck, to hug her....she initated a hug and wanted to bond with her sister....and then give her was the sweetest thing to see (they are very close and share a special bond). Then when it was her turn to sit on her brother's lap, he wanted to show her some affection too, so they had a stare down....nose to nose....typical boy....but it was so cute to see....and she loved it!  I didn't want this time on the porch to end and could have stayed out there in our little world forever.

All my children love the time that we spend together as a family, but my daughter with special needs truly enjoys bringing us all together and you can see it in her eyes and by her actions.   I always want us to have these special times together, daily if possible, but weekly would be second best.  She is our constant reminder to slow down, relax and to enjoy the moment together.  This gift is not only for me, but to our whole family, especially to her siblings.  Seeing the time they spend together melts my heart and is a gift itself....for another blog...on another day.

Here are some quotes for today....

To us, family means putting your arms around each other and being there- Barbara Bush

Family is not an important thing, it's Everything- Anonymous

While we try to teach our children all about life our children teach us what life is all about- Angela Schwindt

Family, we may not have it all together, but together we have it all- Anonymous

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  1. Emilie, this is so sweet- it brought a tear to my eye! xoxo Janet