Monday, August 6, 2012

Her Voice

Today's gift is her voice!

I love hearing my daughter's voice.  I love listening to her hum,  I love to listen to her do her version of singing and I love her squeals.  Her voice is one of those things I will never take for granted.  We are very blessed that she still has held onto about 70 words; however, she does not use all 70 in one day.

I think personally my favorite word that she says is "Mommy", just like my husband's would be "Daddy" and probably everyone in our family would vote that listening to her say their name is their favorite!  I feel like when she says my name she says it with such love, as it is drawn out like....Mommmmmyyyyy.  I love it!  Other times it is a quick Mommy.

Today we were driving in the car and she was singing one of her songs and it was beautiful to hear.  Equally as beautiful was listening to her sister tell her that she loved the song that she was singing.  And then  we all started to chime in with her, which she truly enjoys!  When we do this she will sometimes throw in a high pitched yell which my son loves as it is the one time he can get away with yelling!   He will copy her and then she does it louder and then he does it right back....and while this could drive me crazy (as I like my kids to use their inside voices) this probably is the one exception where I love it!  They are copying each other with my daughter being the leader and she LOVES it!

Another time where I love to hear her voice is when she wants something.  For example, "cracker" or "cup" are her choice words for food and drink and if she is currently eating and wants more she will simply say "more".  I love it when she is adamant about wanting something to eat too and she not only says  the word 100 times, but then she will get her pointer finger out and start pointing to the general area of what she wants, like I don't get it!  Oh, I get it, I'm just not moving fast enough for her!

Her voice is so sincere and sweet.  I wish that she would tell me more with her own words and not from any other form of communication like a device.   I wish that she could tell me what she truly loves (and not what we think she loves), I wish she could tell me about her day at school, I wish she could tell me why she is anxious,  I wish she could tell me why she is mad, I wish she could tell me if she didn't feel good or was in pain, I wish she could tell me she loves me, I wish she could tell me just about anything!  Until that day comes, I will hold onto what she does tell me....she calls my name; she says goo-mor-ning; she says hi, she says la for yes; she says cracker, burger, cup and more; she says ball, boo, and pool; she says everyone's name in our family and some teachers and therapists names; she says up, go and car; she says me, puppy, bee, bird and bubble; she says Bieber (love this one!); she says push me;  she says bye and she says good-nigh......there are more, but these are her favorites and most frequent words.

She is probably the only one in the house that we NEVER tell to be quiet.....sit quiet... I always want to hear what she has to say because you NEVER know if it will be a new word!

Here is today's quote.....
Enjoy the little things, for one day you will look back and realize they were the big things- Robert Brault

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  1. Beautiful Emilie, I love this, and all of the gifts :) x