Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Being Yourself

Today's gift is being yourself.

This is probably one of the best gifts my daughter has given to me.  Throughout life we try so many times to "impress" people for whatever reason.  We want to keep up with the Jones' when we can't even keep up with ourselves.  It does nothing but drive ourselves crazy and waste time...and time isn't something we should waste uselessly.

When you meet my daughter, there is no sugar coating or excuses or impressing...what you see is what you get.  And what you see is a beautiful, intelligent, funny, determined, outgoing child who wants nothing more than to be happy, have fun and be loved.  She doesn't "try" to be anyone else, but herself,  and interestingly enough she is trying to be her best self and this isn't an easy task for her due to the daily struggles of Rett Syndrome.  My daughter of all people should be the one trying to be someone else, but she isn't.

She has taught me to be thankful for what I have....whatever it is, for you never know when something can be taking away from you.  She has taught me the material things don't matter, they can be replaced.  She has taught me just to be myself and by being myself I will be happier than ever.  Guess what....she is absolutely correct...I am!

I am an open book.  If you met me for the first time and you ask me about my family...I will tell you have three children....their ages and will explain to you how my oldest has a rare neurological disorder called Rett Syndrome.  I don't hide anything.  This is who I am, this is who our family is and by me being myself,  it doesn't leave any room for guessing games or unknowns.  By me being myself, it has helped others approach me in regards to my daughter as they see it is not only easy for me to talk about my daughter and her differences, but I am easy to talk to.  By me being myself, it has helped my other children be themselves around their friends when it comes to their sister...there is no hiding things or not talking about her....they tell you how it is.  I guess you can say, the gift of being yourself has helped my other two children too!

Each and every one of us are unique individuals for a reason.  How boring would this world be if we were all the same?!?  We need to be thankful for who we are and what we have and not wish for what others have.  I know it can be hard, but if we keep comparing ourselves to others and wishing for what we don't have, we will miss what we do have...right in front of us.

Here are some quotes for today....

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying make you something else is the Greatest Accomplishment- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Be yourself; everyone else is already taken- Oscar Wilde

Your time is limited.  Don't waste it living someone else's life- Steve Jobs

Always be a first rate version of yourself, instead of a second rate version of someone else- Judy Garland

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