Friday, September 14, 2012

Girl Time

Today's gift is girl in time with your girlfriends.

I love spending time with my girlfriends, whether it is talking on the phone with them, meeting them for a cup of coffee in the morning, lunch in the afternoon or a glass of wine in the evening. Everyone needs a friend...we all need one person who we can be silly with, cry to, tell our secrets or fears, or just sit next to and no words need to be exchanged, but knowing they are there is all you need. I have certain girlfriends I turn to depending on what I need at a particular moment. I am truly blessed I have some amazing friends in my life, I truly am.

You know who else has amazing friends? My daughter with special needs. As I am typing this blog right now I am listening to one of her friend's sing to her in bed! I'm speechless! My daughter is having her FIRST slumber party tonight to celebrate her birthday which was over Labor Day weekend. It is one of those milestones I have wanted for her for so long, but one with fear too. For instance, if she misses her window to go to bed, then she will not go to bed for a long time...and guess what...I think we missed her window tonight. When she was at the point where I should have been putting her to bed, her girlfriends were in her room having "girl time" and I did not want to interrupt. She was having the best time, being "typical" and I was willing to take my chances for her to have this moment.

The "girl talk" they talk about too have I been? Luckily, I have a daughter three years younger than my oldest who brought us up in our music and television shows years ago, otherwise I think we would be still be in the Wiggles phase. So I know she is listening to what her peers are listening to when it comes to music. However, there are some areas which haven't made it to the forefront makeup, boys and some "older" conversation. Tonight the girls were all about doing each others makeup, hair and nails. We have done nails and do nails often, but makeup....not yet. I was really excited to see them do my daughters makeup and watch her do a "typical" fun activity her peers enjoy doing at slumber parties. I loved seeing them wanting to be a part of her first slumber party experience and making it all about her.

Then the boy talk started...much different than second grade boy talk! Oh, how easily we forget what it is like to be in 4th grade. It is so cute to listen to them talk about the boys who they think are cute and why.

While I LOVE the fact my daughter is doing something so typical tonight, a piece of me is also a little sad. I wish she could be a part of these "girl times" like her typical peers. I wish she could tell them about the boys she thinks are cute and why, I wish she could do their makeup instead of them doing hers, I wish she was downstairs having a "typical" sleepover, instead of being in her bed still trying to fall asleep....because I did miss her window. She is so tired, but wants to be doing what her friends are doing....she wants to be like them so badly. And I want her to be too! I just don't want her to not be in a good mood for the next two days because of one bad night.

But while she is not asleep yet, she has her one friend who doesn't want to leave her side. She is putting her back into bed when she gets up, she is singing to her, she is talking to her, she is laying next to her, she is there for her. She is having "girl time", it is just different...but you know what...I'll take it!

Two of her five friends are asleep and three are still she has outlasted two of her peers! While I wish I was asleep right now myself, this is what slumber parties are all about...the bonding...the girl talks...the staying up late...the girl time...and she is doing all of this too! Funny thing is, I see why my parents weren't the biggest fans of slumber parties....due to the fact they didn't get any sleep! I am beginning to get a taste of this tonight!

As I end this post, two girls who were alseep moved upstairs to go to bed and are now in her room with her and one is sleeping in her bed. I hope she follows their lead and drifts off to dreamland very soon. I have to say, I think she got a taste of a "typical" slumber party tonight....from makeup and boy girl staying up much later than her bedtime....and while I am one tired Mama....I am also one proud Mama too. Proud of my daughter and so proud of her friends.

Here is one quote for today,

The language of friendship is not words, but meanings - Henry David Thoreau

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  1. That was beautiful. Thank you for sharing and giving us a glimpse of her friendships!