Saturday, September 15, 2012

Never a Dull Moment

Today's gift is never a dull moment.

There are many days when my daughter with special needs will do something and the timing is all off. It can be right when we are walking out the door to go somewhere, it can be right when we are going to bed, it can be in the middle of dinner....any time....any place. It keeps me on my toes for sure and always teaches me how to stay calm in a stressful situation. And let me tell has paid off.

Tonight was MY night to have my timing all off ending our evening on anything, but a dull moment. I took my mother-in-law and my two daughters to dinner for some "girl time" as my husband took our son away on his first boys weekend. I have a severe nut allergy to tree nuts, so I am always questioning food I order. Tonight at a restaurant we frequent monthly, I ordered a salad I usually get. Well, tonight they must have been creative or something as after one bite of the crouton, my mouth started to get "a certain funky feeling". Great, perfect what came to my mind.

I will not bore you with the chain of events, just trust me when I say it was "nuts"! I went to the emergency room via ambulance. I am surprised I can still see straight given the amount of Benedryl they gave me in my IV. My awesome friend and neighbor jumped in and helped my mother-in-law with the girls until my mom could get to my house. I owe him big time!

I remained calm through the whole "event", and so did everyone else. Especially my 7 year old...I had mentioned a couple of times she was amazing and very mature for her age...and she blew everyone away tonight with showing them how things are done and keeping the peace in the house.

I was so concerned for my kids during this time....seeing their mom go off in ambulance probably was not how they intended to end our fun evening together. I felt helpless, but trusted my neighbor in this stressful situation to help my mother-in-law and daughters....and knowing my parents were in the car on their way down helped too! I give thanks to all the "not at the right time" things my daughter has done to help me for future stressful situations. It truly is never a dull moment in our house...but it keeps us on our toes!

Due to the fact my eyes are rolling back as I type there will not be any quotes for today. I'm off to dreamland!

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