Friday, September 28, 2012

Her Smile

Today's gift is her smile.

On Friday afternoon's my daughter's music therapist comes to the house. They have a 30 minute session and then my middle daughter takes piano lessons from her for another 30 minutes. This is the first time we have done music therapy....and so far so good. Actually, she loves it!

The drum is by far her favorite instrument. She has a ton of fun banging on the drum, like she is releasing stress....and I am sure she is! Maybe I need to buy a drum to beat on too! Today she was introduced to another item in music therapy. They were rings which had ribbons attached to them and they were hanging down. You just hold onto the rings and move the ribbons around.

Music therapy is held in a room off of our family room which has doors we can close to tune out any extra noise, but I can still watch as the doors have glass panes. While my daughter with special needs was having her session I was going over my middle daughter's papers she brought home from school. We were sitting on the chair together and we both looked in on my oldest daughter. She was moving the ring with the ribbons on it back and forth so rhythmically with the biggest smile on her face!

We both just stared at her and watched her as she was having the best time. Then my middle daughter said, "oh wow, I love seeing her smile like that"... Yes honey I love seeing her smile like this too! But to hear in my middle daughter's voice the sheer I don't even know what to call it) as she described seeing her sister smile...seeing her sister so happy...made my want to do nothing else, but smile too!

It made me think of the song by a much loved artist in our house....Justin Bieber...."You Smile"...'you smile I smile (oh), cause whenever you smile I smile'. This couldn't be more true for me and my daughter...her smile is contagious and when she smiles, I definitely smile....we all smile!


Here are some quotes for today....

A smile is a curve that sets everything straight- Phyllis Diller

Most smiles are started by another smile- Author Unknown

As long as you live, keep smiling because it brightens everybody's day -Vin Scully


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