Saturday, September 1, 2012

A Family Dinner....Out

Today's gift is a family dinner...out!

I remember the days when we could not go out to dinner as my daughter could not handle many aspects of being out....sitting still....the noise....waiting...and it lead us to being very self conscious.  It used to turn what was supposed to be a relaxing time out, to a very stressful one.  However, we never gave up!  We altered how we went out to dinner....we ate earlier to avoid crowds...more kid friendly restaurants....and we took an iPod (before an she needs NOTHING) with her movies and music on them.

Amazing, things went very smoothly when we started making these changes for her.  We learned which types of restaurants were her favorites and would concentrate on rotating them.  And she began to love to go out to eat!  We were beyond thrilled when we hit this milestone, as what child doesn't like to go out to lunch or dinner....and we could do this as a family again!

Her all time favorite food is a burger...with no cheese!  So we always try to pick a place where we know they serve a good burger.  Pasta and chicken are a close second, but burgers always win.  Tonight we went to Red Robin....and yes their burgers are great!  And she was she often is these days when we go out to eat.  However, tonight.....she was amazing!

When our hostess sat us at our table, she gave us all our menus including the kids their kid menus.  I helped my daughter open her's and there were 9 choices (pictures of the food item in a square) for kids....with then a row of choices for sides underneath.    Now I know what she wants to eat, but I asked her in case she wanted something different.  Immediately she pointed with perfect finger isolation to the burger in the upper left hand corner, followed by another perfect finger point to the fries as her side!  There wasn't even a delayed response due to apraxia...she knew what she wanted!  But this wasn't the amazing part.....

Our waitress comes over to take our order and asks her what she would like (as she has no idea she is nonverbal!)....and I repeated the question for her....and without hesitation she points directly to the burger again....and then the fries!  She ordered 100% for herself!!!!  We were so proud of her!   And until her burger arrived, she would look at us and point to the burger again and again on her menu....and we told her we know she wants one and they are cooking it for her!  I love this moment we had together....especially since I could have just ordered for her....but she showed me minutes before she was able to order for herself!

I have this feeling this school year is going to be amazing....and after tonight's feelings have only gotten stronger!

Here is one beautiful quote for today....

Your journey has molded you for the greater good.  It was exactly what it needed to be.  Don't think you've lost time.  It took each and every situation you have encountered to bring you to the now.  And now is right on time- Asha Tyson

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