Saturday, September 29, 2012

Her Beautiful Face

Today's gift is her beautiful face.


My middle daughter's birthday is this coming Wednesday. I have been trying to get her away from having birthday parties and to do something fun with a few friends. This year she finally took me up on my offer! Today I took her and three of her friends to the American Girl Store and we are spending the night in a hotel! She is having the best time!

Of course, being away with her means I am away from my other two children. However, thanks to the iPhone I can FaceTime then! I love FaceTime and am so thankful to be able to see my kids when I am away from them.

Tonight when I FaceTimed my other two children, I gave my daughter a kiss and she looked right at me and kept getting closer and closer to her iPad to see my picture and then gave me a kiss right back! I loved it! It was second best to the real thing.

Even though I couldn't be there in person to give her a kiss and to tuck her and my son in, seeing their faces before they went to bed wasn't too bad. I love how technology has come such a long way and how it truly has made an impact on the lives of families like mine who have a child with special needs. When we are not with our children them seeing our faces AND hearing our voices is not only important to them, but comforting. I know my daughter was at ease a little bit more with me and her sister being gone for one night since she still was able to see me tonight. And I will be able to sleep a little better tonight knowing I saw her beautiful face too!

Here are a couple of quotes for tonight....


Thank heaven for little girls- Author Unknown

The world is full of beautiful things, just like you- Author Unknown

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