Friday, July 5, 2013

A First

***I apologize for not posting my blog last night. I completely forgot about it until I was in bed half asleep. We had to get up early to start our 23 hour car ride back home. I hope you can forgive me!!!***


Today's gift is a in she did something for the first time.

I know I mentioned in my post 'A Little Fish' that when my daughter has her aqua jogger off and my husband holds her up (horizontally) in the pool she will use her hands and kick her feet. This has been the only time she has come closest to "swimming".

Her aqua jogger is a little belt which goes around her waist. It does a great job of allowing her head to stay above water, but also letting her roam about on her own. She "swims" vertically more like riding a bicycle than swimming through the water. In the past two years she has figured out how to float more on her back with her aqua jogger on too.

But today...

She figured out how to get herself horizontal in the pool....with her aqua jogger on....and swim using both her hands while kicking her feet! We have never seen her do this. Yes she kicks and swims about...but as I said always vertical...never completely horizontal!

I am so proud of her for figuring out how to do this! And you can tell by the smile on her face just how proud she was of herself too!

Now that we know she can do this, we ask her to "swim" for us before she wants us to go "d" (down, under water) for her.

With repetition and lots of swimming I am sure before we know it this will be her "normal" swimming.

Here is a quote for today....

You've only got three choices in life: give up, give in, or give it all you've got- Author Unknown


***It is hard for me to post pictures while I'm gone. When I get home I will add pictures and video to all my posts. Then I will put links to them in another post. Thanks!***

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