Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Feeling Relaxed

Today's gift is feeling relaxed.

There are not many times during the day when I can honestly say my daughter is "truly relaxed".  No hand wringing, being calm and looking like she has no worries in the world.

I hardly ever see her feeling this way when she is in a therapy.  The only time at therapy she gets like this is when she is being massaged....then who can blame her for being relaxed.  I would be too!

Today, she not only had physical therapy, but also the chiropractor.

Today was also the first day she laid on the table and was 100% completely relaxed.  The chiropractor was finished and she was still laying there!  She was so relaxed, I honestly thought she fell asleep!  It made me feel so good to see her like this as I always feel like she is so tense and anxious.  It made me feel really happy to see her like this, while she was being adjusted, as usually she starts to get a little anxious right before...even though she loves it!

She even relaxed on the wave table afterwards and never tried to get up before her time was finished!

I love to see her in a relaxed state as her body moves constantly throughout the day.  It truly isn't until she is asleep that her little body stops moving.  If she isn't walking around, her legs could be jerking or her hands are wringing.....something is always moving.

I wish she could have many more relaxed days and give her little body a rest.  I can't imagine moving constantly throughout the day. Sometimes we just need to be still....and relax....and take that deep breath.  I hope she enjoyed her minute of pure relaxation, she definitely deserved it!

Here is a quote for today.....

Relaxation means releasing all concern and tension and letting the natural order of life flow through one's being- Donald Curtis

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