Monday, July 1, 2013

Adjusting to New Time Zone

Today's gift is adjusting to a new time zone.

Whenever we travel we always try to keep the kids on their normal schedule as much as we can.  There are times to "bend" the rules a little, but for the most part the kids do best when their routine is consistent.  Especially my daughter with special needs.

Since we are in Texas now, the time zone has changed.   We are an hour behind our time zone at home. To most this doesn't seem like a big adjustment.  To my daughter it is huge.  So how do you try to stick to your normal routine when adjusting to a new time zone?

You just play with it and adjust as you go.  We try to stick to the new time zone for the most part and she has adjusted very well.  However, the one time where we see her wanting to go back to her "normal" schedule is with bedtime.  When her "normal" bed'time' rolls around she is ready!
On the other hand, if she goes to bed on her "normal" time, then it means she will get up earlier on her new time. Which we don't want!

So we split the difference and push her back a little.

And she has adjusted great!  Hasn't skipped a beat!  In fact she even slept in this morning...which was great for both of us!

Traveling is always an adjustment for us in general, but throwing something new in...even as small as a time change is something "big" we must get used to.  While I am sure it is hard for her body to adjust I am so proud of her for adjusting so well.  I still get tired at certain times and know it is later at home, so I am certain she feels it too.  And as soon as we get 'used' to the difference, it will be time to drive back home!

Here is a quote for today...

Wherever you are, be all there- Author Unknown

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