Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Full Sentence

Today's gift is a full sentence.

Well, it just seems like magic would happen today as it is my son's 6th birthday!  Though you would think he would get all the good vibes; however, I think some jumped off him and hit my daughter.

My daughter read an entire sentence OUT LOUD today!  She has been working on reading her sight words so hard.  Back on December 3rd, I posted that she was reading..and reading to herself too.   And trying to read the words out loud if she could.

Today, she did!  She read....

As soon as I came back from getting my middle daughter at camp,  I walked upstairs to see my daughter.  "Anne Sullivan" ran over with excitement and said she read an entire sentence today....on.her.own!  I immediately said, "let me hear it!".

So she read it for me, her sister and her brother!  We were all so proud of her!!!  I looked at her and said, "shut the front...." and before I could say "door", she did!   We all started laughing!  I love how she gets our sense of humor!!!

I then gave her a big hug and said "I love...." and she looked up at me with her big green eyes and said "me"!  Melt. My. Heart!

I do love her.  I love her so much sometimes it actually hurts.  Like this I am writing this, she is getting over a bad behavior.  She was tired from getting up early and was falling asleep outside on the porch.   I went to move her inside to take a nap as it is so humid and she didn't like all.  

After such an wonderful morning and early afternoon, it was sad to have to have a doozie like this.   But do not think that this behavior is going to make me forget about the magical moment we had as soon as we got way!  Nothing can take away those moments.  This is just an example of how a great day can take a wild turn and we just have to roll with the punches.

Behaviors come and go, but memories always remain in the heart.

Here is a quote for today....

Dreams fly on magical wings when you follow your heart- Author Unknown

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