Friday, July 26, 2013

Her Pointer Finger

Today's gift is her pointer finger.

Another beautiful day here equals more porch time.  I can't believe the amazing breeze we are having in July!

My daughter loves sitting on our back porch.  I honestly think she would sleep out here if I let her....who knows maybe I will let her sometime.

When she is outside she loves to either take in nature by relaxing and taking in all the sounds.  Or she likes to play on her iPad.

As she is on her iPad I am just amazed at the use of her pointer finger.  She is extremely blessed to have incredible finger isolation.  If she didn't have the finger isolation that she does, then when she touched her iPad with her whole hand and no finger isolation the same button would be pressed over and over again OR nothing would happen. When touching anything "i" related you need to be rather precise in where and how you touch the button.

If she pressed a button but didn't receive the output she was expecting it would be extremely frustrating for her resulting in her not staying engaged or interested in the iPad anymore.

Lucky for her....lucky for us.....this is not the case.

Can you imagine not being able to use your hands the way you want to?   Can you imagine only having one strong finger to help you be able to actually do things....on your own?  I am so thankful my daughter has this strong pointer finger to help her be able to make choices, initiate requests by pointing, have fun, and to be able to help her not wring her hands by having that one finger busy.

I am sure there is another finger my daughter would like to show to the Rett Monster...but she hasn't....yet.

Something so little to most, yet something huge for another.  Something truly life changing.

Here is a quote for one day....

A dream is a wish your heart makes- Author Unknown

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