Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Fun Day with Her Friend

Today's gift is a fun day with her friend.

My daughter has a fun week planned. Two friends are coming over this week to hang out!  Today one friend came over.

She loves spending time with her friends.  They truly make her happy.  There are no words to describe how it feels as a mother, to see a friend of your child's....your child with special needs....treat your child with such compassion.  My daughter's friend understands my daughter.  She helps her whenever she needs assistance.  She communicates with her using not only her own voice, but the iPad and iPODD....to be an example to my daughter as modeling is key.  My daughter's friend is patient with her and doesn't take it personally if my daughter is not on her A game one day.  She is one of my daughter's true blessings.

"Anne Sullivan" took my daughter and her friend out on the town today.  They started at PT with my daughter this morning.  This isn't the first time my daughter's friend has accompanied her to PT.  I love it when her peers go as they get to see exactly what my daughter goes through on a weekly basis just to keep moving.  They get to not only see what my daughter experiences every week, but others like her. It is a glimpse into a world they do not see often, but one that exists for to many.

After physical therapy the three of them had fun going to a local art museum, walking around downtown and enjoying lunch out.  We are so incredibly blessed to have "Anne Sullivan" for many reasons, but one I never truly thought about was until my daughter started getting older.  When my daughter "hangs out" with her friends or goes places with them...."Anne Sullivan" can go with her and it is "cool" and accepted by her peers.  If I went, it wouldn't be so cool at all!  Even my daughter wouldn't want her mom tagging along all the time...who can blame her.  But "Anne Sullivan" is truly thought of among my daughter's peers as the big sister.

My daughter's friend stayed over well after "Anne Sullivan" had left.  I love watching my daughter interact with her friends.   I love seeing the genuine friendship they have....one built on actions and few words.   I love watching her friends get involved in her world....because they want to.  I love watching how comfortable my daughter is around them....and them around her.  I love it all!

One of the sweetest moments today was sitting next to them as they watched a movie.   My daughter was tired from not only a busy day, but also from getting up early.  As they watched, my daughter laid her head on her friends shoulder.....and her friend didn't mind.  It melted my heart...

Friends are important for all of us.  I couldn't be happier for my daughter that she has some amazing friends in her life.  I just hope and pray as time goes on, they remain true friends.

Here is a quote for today....
Friendship isn't about who you have known the longest. It's about who walked into your life, said " I'm here for you" and proved it- Author Unknown

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