Saturday, July 6, 2013

A Message

***If you did not see my post from Friday please go to as I posted it this morning. The title is "A First".***

Today's gift is a message.

Well, we started our 1300 mile journey this morning at 5:10.  We decided to take a different route home to show the kids different parts of the USA.

Our route started us on a Texas road which once you get out of the "bigger" cities you mostly see countryside. The countryside was beautiful, but along with the country comes not many choices to stop and eat breakfast.

After we drove through the town of Garrison, population 895, we hit a "larger" town...Timpson with a population of 1,171!  Would you believe it, we actually found a restaurant...a brand new Subway!  I honestly think it was the only restaurant in the town.  And I was happy it was clean!

When we pulled into the parking lot, there was only one other person dining inside.  It was a gentleman, who looked to be about in his 70's and probably a "local"... given the time!

My husband walked in first with my oldest daughter as I was investigating a rather large beetle in the parking lot with the youngest two.  Everything really is bigger in Texas...even the bugs!  When my husband walked in, the first thing the gentleman said to him was " I can see the spirit of God in her. You have something very special in your hands."

Your speechless....right!?! I was too when my husband told me!

It wasn't like this man witnessed us with our daughter for any length of time!  It literally, was just the two of them walking into Subway.

After we had breakfast, I took all the kids for a potty break and then brought them out to my husband, before it was my turn (mom's are always last!).  As I was leaving I told the nice man to have a wonderful day and he wished us a safe drive home.

When I got into the car, my husband was rather quiet.  Then he said "do you know what that man said on my way out....he said make sure you listen to her when she speaks".

Speechless again!?!

I see why my husband was quiet.  Those were two very powerful messages we received.  Two messages from a complete stranger.  Two messages that I honestly felt were given to us for a reason.

Looking back on our journey driving through the small towns of East Texas we were joking if we would even find a place to eat.   Little did we know our breakfast in a town of 1,171 would have had such an impact on our lives.

And yes, the man is exactly correct, we do have something very special in our hands and I couldn't be happier to call her my daughter!  If it wasn't for my daughter, we would never have met this man or heard his message as we would have flown to Texas.  I am a believer in everything happens for a reason, and apparently there was a reason we were given "a message" today.

Here is a quote for today....
Being a Christian isn't about knowing a set of propositions- it's about knowing Christ and acting on his behalf in the world- Francis Chan, Forgotten God

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