Thursday, July 4, 2013

Meeting New Family and Friends

Today's gift is meeting new family and friends.

Usually when we travel we always meet someone new.  This is no different for our current trip we are on.

My children have seen more family in the last two months than they ever have.  Between my grandmother's 85th birthday party and now this trip to Texas.  While in Texas they have visited with their grandfather, grandmother, great-grandmother, two aunts, cousins and boyfriends. Of all these people, my daughter had never meet three of them before.

She loves meeting new people.  I love watching her when she interacts with new family or friends.  She says things in "her lingo" and I love to watch them try to figure out what she is saying. But the best part is watching both of them when they "connect".  She gets them wrapped around her little finger too.  She gets them to smile as her smile is contagious.  She lets them get a glimpse of her they want to learn more about.

This afternoon we were visiting with my cousins and meeting my cousin's boyfriend for the first time.  She just kept smiling at him and trying to get his attention.  It was so cute.  And then when they left we all went into the pool.  This was the first time my dad had all his daughters and grandchildren together!  And his son-in-law and my sister's boyfriend...and his mother.   We were all either outside by the pool or in it.

 It was a very happy moment for me to see everyone playing with each other and having fun.  I loved watching my daughter tell my sister's boyfriend "d" which means in you must go underwater. He quickly learned every time she said this to him, she wanted him to go underwater.  And she would belly laugh every time.

Just as much as it warms my heart to see my daughter interact with new family and friends it equally warms my heart to see them treat my daughter just like my other two children.  From a mother's perspective this is all I could ask.

Today was a fabulous fun- filled day.  One which filled my heart with lots of joy.  Family is important and I couldn't be happier for my children that they have so many family members who love them.  And who knows...maybe the "boyfriends" will be family one day too....and if so my daughter gives her seal of approval!

Here is a quote for today....

Family...we live, we laugh, we play, we love- Author Unknown

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