Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Bedtime Conversation

Today's gift is our bedtime conversation.

As I was putting my daughter to bed tonight we both grabbed the covers and cuddled underneath them together.  The bed we are sleeping in at my dad's is really comfortable and you can't help but want to cuddle!

We talked all about our day..our day of pure leisure.  We talked about how nice it is to not have any place to be and to just play all day.  We talked about how nice it is to detox a little from technology...the kids have hardly watched anything on the tv or iPad until tonight as we watched America's Got Talent. We had a great time iPodding about it!  We disagreed on three acts and agreed on one.
We talked about how we called Poppy and sang " Happy Birthday" to him via FaceTime.  We talked about the videos we made.  We talked about getting fro-yo.

As we were talking a text came through from "Anne Sullivan".  She is vacationing this week too!  So we decided to take a picture and send it to her.  My daughter had the best smile as she loves "Anne Sullivan"!

I loved talking about our day and watching her face as we talked.  I can tell by her eyes and facial expressions which part of the day excited her the most.  Recapping our day together is a nice way to end the day too.  Talking about the day out loud helps you to remember all the little things, as well as, all the big things.

The best part of the conversation was watching her smile as she was looking into my eyes with her big green eyes...and then watching her eyes as they got heavier and heavier and heavier....until she drifted off to dreamland.  Sweet dreams honey...sweet dreams.

Here is a quote for today....

Do small things with great love- Mother Theresa

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