Sunday, October 28, 2012

A little game of hide and seek

Today's gift is the game hide and seek.

There are not many times when my husband and I can have a conversation which is not interrupted by one of our three children......until they are all asleep!  Someone always wants to talk to the exact moment we want to talk to each other.

Interesting how this happens.

My daughter who has special needs requires constant supervision as we do not want her to hurt herself or for her to make a mess by emptying shelves in the playroom.   Either my husband or I are constantly watching her making any conversation we have with one another kinda difficult, as we usually are moving all over the house with her.

There are times when she will sit still for a little bit....either to play connect 4 or to actually "chill" out on the sofa to watch tv; however, we still need to be close by as these times come in spurts.  The amount of energy this child has is impressive!  She is like the energizer bunny!!!!

This evening while I was making dinner, my other two children started playing hide and seek with their sister.  For 15 WHOLE minutes they were playing together AND my husband and I had a conversation with no interruptions!!!!  It was one of those moments were you honestly can't believe you are having this moment.  Both of us in the cooking a delicious dinner...and we are having a conversation....something so little....yet so big.

She loves to play hide and seek.  She prefers to be the seeker rather than hide, and her siblings are ok with this.  If you ever play with her, watch out...she is fast!  You don't have much time to hide.

It amazes me how a simple game of hide and seek can allow my husband and I time to talk, instead of waiting until the kids are in bed.  Hide and seek not only allows us to be able to talk and have some "down" time, but also allows all my children to interact and play a typical game....together.

As far as I see it...hide and seek is a win win for all of us!  Game on!

Here are two quotes for today...

When I am playing hide and seek and the seeker walks past the place where I am hiding, I feel like where's Waldo- Author Unknown

It is the sweet simple things in life which are the real ones after all- Laura Ingalls Wilder

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