Monday, October 8, 2012

Letting me share one of my favorite childhood movies with her

Today's gift is letting me share one of my favorite childhood movies with her.

The kids had off from school today. Usually they are climbing the walls by 10:00, but today everyone was enjoying relaxing and cuddling under the blankets on the sofa. It must have been due to the weather was really chilly today!

I recently went to Barnes and Noble to buy some movies I watched when I was my daughter's age. She received two gift certificates for her birthday last month and thought sharing a part of my childhood with her would be fun....after all she loves movies!

I walked in knowing which three movies I wanted to buy.. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun; Freaky Friday (the original one with Jodi Foster); and Parent Trap (the original one). They only had in the store Freaky Friday and Parent Trap....however, Freaky Friday, was not the original one, but the one with Lindsay Lohan and Jaime Lee Curtis. I loved the movie so much, I went ahead and got least this was before Lindsay Lohan....well, became the Lindsay Lohan we all hear about today.

Even though I could have stayed curled up all day, I needed to run out today for some errands. I knew I could run to the store quickly, so I could surprise the kids with movie time this afternoon!

Movie time happened! And I was so excited to share a favorite childhood movie with all my children, but especially my oldest daughter. We watched Freaky Friday all curled up under blankets on the sofa and watched as a mother and daughter changed places. My daughter laughed appropriately throughout the movie, making this time together extra special.

During the movie, I couldn't help but think if my daughter and I changed places. What would she think about seeing herself through my eyes and vice versa? Would I be able to understand more of what frustrates her? Would I be able to help her more, when we changed back? I wonder if my daughter was having the same thoughts as me while she was watching the movie....

It is just a movie, but if I could trade places with her for one day to be able to understand her better, I would jump at the chance. But since this isn't going to happen I will continue to learn from her one day, one moment, and one laugh at a time.

Here are two quotes for today....

Childhood is the most beautiful of all life's seasons -Author Unknown

If you carry your childhood with you, you never become older- Tom Stoppard

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