Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Boo-tiful Halloween

Today's gift is a boo-tiful Halloween.

Halloween can be hit or miss for us and our daughter with special needs.  We have had some very good years and we have had some very bad years...and a couple in between.

I honestly do not know how she feels about Halloween and the whole dressing up thing.  However, I do know she loves the candy part.

Every year we narrow down her costume selection choices to a few and let her pick what she would like to be, when I know she would prefer to go as herself and collect all the candy she can.  I mean come on, who isn't going to give her any candy.  Plus, after seeing some of the kids come to my door their "regular" clothes, I am tempted to not worry about the costume next year.

But then it would not be the same.

My husband and I would love for our entire family to dress up with a theme one year...but our youngest two haven't bought into the idea..yet.  Maybe next year...with some bribing!

This year our daughter with Rett Syndrome picked her costume herself in the store.  No choices...just walked right up to the costumes and picked it out.  And I have to say she was one adorable pirate....don't you think so too!

Right before we got her dressed after dinner, she was starting to teeter....meaning either she was going to go into a behavior or she wasn't.  We prayed she would not have a behavior and tried to keep the peace....which was challenging as the other two were ready to go out the door.  Half the time, she gets upset from watching them act ridiculous!  

We were able to get her dressed and out the door with the help of five skittles...whatever it takes...right!  Of course when we get outside, I want to try and get a picture of all the kids together.  Between them and my camera, it is amazing I got anything!

My husband and I really wanted her to walk this Halloween as last year she was still recuperating from her surgery and was unable to.  But she had other plans....she wanted to be pushed in her "cruiser"....she is no dummy!   All we wanted was for her to be we pushed her to the first few houses and then had her walk a whole cul-de-sac.  

Then she was done.  Not done, being outside, done walking and trick or treating.  She just wanted to be pushed and look at everyones costumes and see her friends.  Ok...she won!

After an hour, I was beginning to not feel my toes anymore, so she and I went back home to hand out candy with my mother-in-law....where it was nice...and...warm!

Of course, when we came in she wanted to have a couple of pieces of her candy she worked hard she did get them!  We enjoyed watching another 40 kids come to the door in a 30 minute window...we have tons of kids in our neighborhood.  

When we only had 10 pieces of candy left we called it a night.  A successful night!  A Boo-tiful night!  No behaviors....just laughs and lots of candy.

As we were getting the kids into their pj's our door bell started to ring.  Of course we were ignoring it as our light was off on the front porch.  Someone kept ringing it as they saw my middle daughter walking upstairs.  My middle daughter came running into our bedroom and said who was at the door.

One of my daughter's (my daughter with Rett Syndrome) best friends was at the door!  She wanted to come say Happy Halloween and see her in her costume.  This friend does not even live in our neighborhood!  Unfortunately, she didn't get to see her in her costume, but she did get to see her.  

The smile on my daughter's face from seeing her friend at the door was the perfect ending to our Boo-tiful Halloween!  

Here are some quotes for today...

One kind word can change someone's entire day- Author Unknown

How beautiful a day can be when kindness touches it- Author Unknown

Make your smile change the world, but don't let the world change your smile- Author Unknown

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