Thursday, October 25, 2012

Being in a great mood

Today's gift is being in a GREAT mood!

It is getting close to the end of the week and I know my daughter is getting more and more tired as the week goes on.  And just like us, she loves the relax!

Thursdays are a therapy day for her and honestly her mood depends on how the session is going to go. Every Tuesday and Thursday mornings I pray she is in a good mood so we have a great therapy session.  The last two weeks she has been off a little.

However, today she was not only in a good mood, but a GREAT mood!  From the moment she walked into our room at 5:45am till I dropped her off at school at 9:55....giggles and grins!

One of the hardest parts for her in the morning on therapy days is not leaving to go to school when my husband leaves to take my other daughter, instead she has to wait another hour before it is time for us to leave.  This hour to her feels like an eternity....and sometimes it does for me too!  She loves school and wants to go so badly when they leave in the morning.

This morning we played a little connect 4 and reviewed her homework on Native Americans...which she rocked by the way!  I always try to keep things calm and play with I don't want to rock the boat!

When it was time to leave she hopped in the car, pointed to the radio for me to put on her music....Jack Johnson...and we dropped her brother off at a friend's house so he could ride with them to school.

All the way to therapy....which luckily is only a 2 minute drive....I honestly could walk IF the road wasn't so curvy..she was laughing and saying my name over and over and over again.  This is a good sign she is HAPPY!   When we walked into the therapy center she walked into the treatment room like she owned the place looking for her therapist.  I thought we were going to have a minute or two of not being happy as another child was on the treadmill and this is how she normally starts warming up.  The look she had on her face said it all!

Luckily, she didn't mind starting off differently.  Change to my daughter sometimes can be a bad thing as she thrives on following a routine!

Therapy today pushed my daughter to get into positions she normally does not like as it is making her work and stretch her muscles....which of course causes some discomfort.  You never know if she is going to take it and be a trooper OR go into a behavior as she is not happy.  Today, she was a trooper!  Although, there were two times her therapist's hair did get pulled....more as a warning sign from my daughter as to not cross the line of pushing!  At these points I had to break out my silly hat and perform tricks to keep the mood happy!!!

Worked like a charm!  I promised my daughter a special treat if she worked hard today after therapy.  Just like we treat ourselves to "something" after we stick to something hard whether it be working out for x number of days consecutively or losing x number of pounds....we need rewards.  Well, so does my daughter.

As promised, after an incredible therapy session in a GREAT mood, she was rewarded with 4 skittles....and yes....4 is all it took!  She has better willpower at times than I do...I could have had to have the whole little bag!

Her great mood continued all the way to school!  She loves rolling down her window and feeling the breeze on her face.  For years she has been able to push the button to roll her own window down, but could not pull the same button to close her window.  This summer, she figured it out and now she can roll her window up and down....and up and down....and up and down....

It becomes a game, one I hope isn't going to cost me a new window one day!  Thank goodness I can lock the window too!

Seeing the smile on her face as the fall breeze blew on her and hearing her say "Mommy" over and over again as I drove her to school, put me in a GREAT mood!  I have to say she started my day off right....thanks Pookie!  And ended it still smiling!

Here are some quotes for today...

The neat thing is that you are always in charge of your mood, so pick a good one- Unknown Author

It's amazing how one song can change your mood, thoughts and emotions- Unknown Author

You can never change the past nor control the future, but you can change the mood of the present day by touching someone's heart- Unknown Author

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