Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Getting "over it"

Today's gift is getting "over it".

And moving on! My daughter does an, AMAZING job of getting over things and moving on....most of the time. She doesn't complain, whine, throw a fit, talk back....the list goes on and on. If she wants something to eat, she isn't picky, as she is the best eater. The same is true for pretty much anything she wants, however we do know what her favorites seem to be.

Of all my children, I would expect her to be the pickiest, as she is the one we don't know everything going on in her head. I can't wait for the day she can tell me everything she likes, hates, wants, what she would really like to whine about, what she really wants to say to me (the good and the bad!) and everything in between. For right now, we are blessed she seems happy with what we give her and her needs seem to be meet.

My daughter not only does the best job of "getting over it" and moving on, but she teaches us daily how we should do the same when things aren't worth throwing a fit over. This morning she taught my son this very lesson....in a very funny way...well, we all thought it was funny BUT my son!

We buy three different types of milk to accommodate everyone in the house...crazy I know, but we seem to have a lactose intolerance issues among a couple of us. Somehow we bought two of the same milk, however one was whole and one was 1%. We typically do not buy whole, so we were trying to use this one up first....not thinking anyone really "noticed" a difference. We were wrong! My son does not notice when you put it in his cereal or cup when he is not watching, but when he sees you pour it in.....well, let's just say he wasn't happy! He went on and on and on about it to the point of saying he wasn't going to eat his cereal ( and of course the more time it sat the soggier it gets) and how mean we were....and just not being nice. We were at the point of ignoring him and just told him he was going to eat his cereal soggy even if he didn't like it. We were done with the carrying on!

Just at this time my daughter walks over to him....and she knocks his milk ALL OVER HIM....and walks away with a giggle! The rest of us laughed too, while my son started crying and yelling! We said she was just telling him....her style...how to "GET OVER IT"! After cleaning up the mess (which for once I didn't mind cleaning up!) and calming down my son....he finally ate his soggy cereal.

I hope my son thinks twice the next he wants to carry on about something "silly"....and me too...actually all of us. And if we need a reminder, maybe we need my daughter to remind us in her own way how to "get over it" and move on!


Here are some quotes for today....

Get mad, then get over it- Colin Powell

Sometimes you just need to take a nap and get over it - Maura Stuard, age 8

Don't cry over spilled milk- Unknown


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