Monday, October 15, 2012

Her expressions

Today's gift are her expressions.

I love the different looks my daughter gives me. They show me whether she likes something, if she doesn't like something, if she is happy, if she is mad, if she is unsure, if she is scared...they show me she is reacting to a situation.

Usually the expression she gives to me is an appropriate reaction to something she experienced. I can find out a lot about her expression to me. This is very helpful in finding out what things she does not like or care for.  Equally as important is for me to know what she enjoys, however, these things are usually easier for me to figure out.

I love watching her expressions, as I know she is understanding what she is experiencing. Her expressions many times, if not all the times are the same as not only her siblings, but her typical peers. Seeing these expressions in person as they are happening is wonderful, but catching them with the camera is a way for me to always have these images to look at.

This morning I was looking at the pictures we took yesterday while we were picking apples and I captured one of these priceless expressions. I was clicking away when she was picking her first apple ever. Two pictures I took back to back show so many emotions through her expressions. The first one shows she is a little unsure as what to expect as she has never done this before. She loves apples, or "a-po" as she calls them, so she knew what she was looking at and about to grab. Then the second picture shows her with the look of surprise on her face, as she pulled the apple from the tree. I caught it! And I love looking at it over and over again. She was so happy and proud of herself! But to me the expression on her face was appropriate for her in experiencing this for the first time. This makes me happy and proud too!

As you know my daily gifts have to be a gift she has given me daily, the day I am writing the post. So while she didn't give me the expression above today, I still wanted to share it with you as it is too perfect! However, there is another expression I did get today from her as well.

The expression of "are you kidding me"! Tonight when we were having dinner, she kept telling me, "cup" as she wanted to keep drinking the yummy apple cider we bought yesterday (I don't blame her, it's delicious!). After she drank the whole cup, she indicated she wanted more. I told her she drank it all and there was nothing left. Obviously, she didn't believe me, as she grabbed the cup from my hand, looked inside, and then handed me the cup back...with a look on her face, to express the words, "are you kidding me?". I had to laugh, as she thought I was holding back on her, when in fact she had nothing in her cup. Of course, I got her something else to drink after she finished eating her dinner. If I let her drink a lot, then she will not eat all her I wanted her to finish eating.

Her facial expressions many times tell the story her voice can not. Even though my daughter can not communicate with me verbally, I can still feel her emotions.

Here are two quotes for today....

The face is a picture of the mind with the eyes as its interpreter - Marcus Tullius Cicero

If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams, and you will always look lovely- Roald Dahl

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