Sunday, June 30, 2013


Today's gift is the 'pool' .

After being in the car yesterday for 16 hours all my daughter wanted was to go in the ' pool ' at the hotel.   It was late and we wanted to get a good night's rest before hitting the road again in the morning. My daughter loves the 'pool' and she didn't stop saying the word 'pool' until she fell asleep.
In fact she got quite upset over the fact she couldn't go swimming.  We kept telling her tomorrow once we get to Popo and Gamma's house.

Then this morning as soon as she woke up she started saying 'pool' again as she remembered she saw one last night.   We kept promising her she would go in one today....however it would be 6-7 hours. While she understood she would get to go in a pool today...the time in which she had to wait wasn't the best news.  Throughout our drive today, she said the word 'pool' and we kept telling her as soon as we get soon as we get soon as we get there.

As promised after being on the road for 23 hours in two days she got to go into the pool at Popo and Gamma's house.  She loves being in the pool.  She truly is like a little fish in the water.  She was so happy to finally be able to kick and swim around freely after the long drive.  She was in a great mood to say the least.  The 'pool' was incredibly refreshing after our long drive to Texas.

Now for the next few days when she says 'pool' we will be ready to jump in with her.  The 'pool' is one place she can tell us where she wants to is the one place she can roam freely and we are only an arms length is her happy place.

I heard the word "pool" many times today.  But it is one of those words I do not mind hearing over and over again as I know how much happiness pools bring to her.  Next to hearing her say the word "pool" is watching her swim in one!

Here is a quote for today...

Just keep swimming- Dory from Nemo

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