Thursday, November 1, 2012

Helping me pull off a surprise...

Today's gift is she helped me pull off a surprise.

First, I'm going to start by saying, I am blessed I have two Dads! I call them both "Dad" and they both have a special place in my heart. My children are very lucky to have both men to call grandpa...or in our case...Poppy and Popo. Poppy is my step-dad and lives 45 miles from us. Popo is my biological father and lives 1345 miles from us.

Today, my dad...Poppy...had his hip replaced and after hearing his voice and knowing he was in good spirits, I thought I would take the kids to visit him after school as a surprise.

My daughter was a little unhappy this morning before we left for physical therapy so I was praying she would be in a good mood...and happy when I picked up the girls. And she was!

All my kids were excited about pulling off the surprise! When we walked into his hospital room, I don't know who was more excited them...or Poppy. My youngest two were looking all over the room and asking Poppy tons of questions about all the equipment he was hooked up to. My middle daughter kept asking him on a scale of 1-10 what was his discomfort level...she was listening to everything the nurse asked him when she came in.

My daughter with special needs had a different spin on our visit. She was looking around confused....and a little nervous. Whenever she has been in a hospital room...she has been the patient. The longer we were visiting she became more and more relaxed. By the time we left she was smiling and laughing.

Our "quick" trip turned into a little longer trip as we decided to have dinner with my mom. I was a little nervous to push going out to eat with my daughter as she didn't have down time after school...but on the other hand I didn't want to risk missing the window of dinner time by driving home. So I decided to give it a try.

And she was a trooper! Ate a great dinner and was in an incredibly giggly mood.

After dinner the kids wanted to go by my parents house...should I push my luck....or just hit the road? Today I was feeling like taking a gamble!

Again...she was great!

Usually when this luck runs out someplace by pushing her to her limits... luck never ran out! If I had another adult in the car I would have gone and bought some lottery tickets! The car ride home with my three kids was one of my favorite car date! We had the music playing...they were daughter with special needs was playing with my son by repeating the sounds he was making....I looked back at one point and my girls were holding hands....and then....

When Brittany Spears song I Wanna Go came on, she started pointing to the radio and saying " up, up". I asked her if she wanted me to turn it up and she said "la"...which is her yes. Up was exactly where the volume went!

Looking back on today she was honestly non-stop all day...and she surprised two of us...Poppy and me! What a special day which will be remembered by two people for two different reasons.

Here are some quotes for today...

Surprise is the greatest gift which life can grant us- Boris Pasternak

I have found that if you love life, life will always love you - Author Unknown

Give and expect nothing. And you'll be filled with great surprises - Author Unknown

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