Sunday, December 16, 2012

A game of Connect 4

Today's gift is a game of Connect 4.

We had a very laid back day today as my middle daughter was not feeling well at all. I have to admit I love lazy days, but when no one is sick! They make you take a deep breathe and enjoy the moment. Enjoy each other. Enjoy the slow pace.

After lunch I took my middle daughter to the after hours kid clinic we have nearby to get a confirmation I already knew....she has the flu! More lazy days ahead.

With the tragedy in Connecticut on Friday and my daughter having the flu we decided to treat the kids to a reverse where you eat dessert first! Our whole weekend was all about the kids (and our new 4 legged addition!). The kids loved the special treat!

While I was cooking our "real" dinner our family of 5 ( plus Midnight ) was sitting in the family room time. And my oldest daughter and I enjoyed a couple of games (her style) of Connect 4.

I love watching her play Connect 4 because when she does she is at peace. She is enjoying a typical game like a typical child. She is not wringing her hands, but instead using her hands functionally! She is happy.

She plays Connect 4 often....very often. At first we would try to get her to try other games, but she loved this one so much. We decided it was better for her to enjoy herself and keep her hands moving than introduce new games she doesn't seem to like playing. Of course we keep trying, but we are ok if she is not interested.

I used to love playing Connect 4 when I was younger so it makes me happy too to know she enjoys a game as much as I did when I was her age!

Here are a couple of quotes for today...

If you're wasting time having fun, you're not wasting time- Tim Ferriss

We didn't realize we were making memories, we just knew we we're having fun- Author Unknown

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