Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Today's gift is spelling.

We had a pajama day as it was cold and rainy and there was no need for us to leave the house. I wish my husband could have been home too, but he had to go to work least he can come home a little earlier.

Our lazy day was filled with playing games, watching movies, eating cookies, snuggling with our dog, addressing our New Year cards, playing on our iPads/iPods/iPhones and everything in between.

I love watching my daughter on her iPad. As she hits each button she also hums and makes noises as she is talking back to her iPad. I remember when she first got her iPad it took her a little bit to get used to the "swiping" motion needed to operate pages. She was good at swiping in general, but this new type of swiping she needed to learn.

Now she can navigate through her iPad better than me some days! Today she was playing a spelling game called FIrst Words Sampler. A picture will come up of with a word and the letters for the word will be randomly placed on the page. Then you have to drag the letter to the letter under the word and if you match correctly it stays in place. When the word is spelled correctly the picture of the object does a littl dance.

While my daughter was playing this she was talking up a storm saying all the letters she saw and if she knew the word she would say it too! She would also drag the letters to match them. Half of the time she got it, then other half she needed a little assistance.

She was having a great time talking and spelling for me. I know she was truly enjoying sharing her knowledge and love for learning with me!

Here are two quotes for today...

Learning never exhausts the mind- Leonardo da Vinci

The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you- BB King

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