Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve Service

Today's gift is Christmas Eve Service.

Tonight's gift is very special to me for many reasons.  I grew up going to church regularly and I vividly remember going to the Candlelight Services on Christmas Eve.  I loved them!   There is something about being in church singing Christmas Carols that makes you feel like you are in the right place at that moment.

I can not tell you when the last time we went to church on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day was...probably at least six years ago.  I can't even believe it myself!  However, tonight we celebrated our first Christmas Eve service at our new church.

What a lovely service it was!  It was not a candlelight service (as we are not there yet, time wise with the kids!), but a Family Service.  The decorations were simple and beautiful.  The short sermon really touched me.  Our pastor was talking about how we are all God's children and the only person we need to please is him, not anyone else.  At the end of his sermon he said when we walk out of church there will be pieces of cardboard for all the children to write or draw a picture of a gift in which God has blessed them with.....and then they were to place them in a manger.  I thought this was one of the most beautiful things to help all the children realize how special they are and how everyone has a gift.

I helped my daughter write hers and her gift was how since she is non-verbal and faces challenges daily, her gift is she is an inspiration to others.  I could have said so many things, as we know she has so many gifts....right, but tonight, I thought the most fitting one was how she is an inspiration.

Tonight's service was extra special for us too as it was not only our little family of five, but also my mother in law AND my daughter's teacher/one to one in school and her husband.  Having them there meant the world to us.  My daughter was so excited to see them.  She greeted them by name and hug smiles!  She was a rock star again in church.  She loves our church and the music!  I loved how they were able to see her in our place of worship.

I could not have thought of a better way to spend Christmas Eve, than the way we did tonight.  The sermon was short since it was the Family Service, but exactly what we needed to hear.

Here are some of the songs we sang tonight....

Joy to the World
Little Drummer Boy
Oh Come All Ye Faithful
Angels We Have Heard on High

There are no quotes tonight, as I would like you to reflect on what gifts God has given you and what gifts God has given your children.

Merry Christmas Eve!

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