Sunday, December 9, 2012


Today's gift is in the "word" puppy.

Our daughter has always had a love for cats and dogs. When she was younger we said to her, "if you say the word puppy, we will get you a puppy". Well...she has been saying "puppy" for three years. And no puppy. Also to note all dogs...true puppies to grown dogs are all "puppies" to her.

The timing of her saying "puppy" and us actually getting a "puppy" was not the best.

However, with Christmas sixteen days away we couldn't think of a better time to get her and our other two children a "puppy".

We went back and forth between a puppy and a rescue dog...pros and cons...for our family. While puppies are adorable, the amount of time to house train them is not something we could commit to right now. Getting a slightly older dog who is house trained seemed like a better option for our family. Once this decision was made we started looking.

Our search ended this weekend when we met Midnight. As soon as we saw him and said his name, his eyes lit up, he started wagging his tail and walked over to us at the end of his cage. My daughter immediately said, "puppy", and he started to lick her hands.

When we spent time with him in the puppy lounge, his personality came out. He was fun, loving, gentle and so handsome. The kids loved him and my oldest didn't stop grinning from ear to ear. I think she was just as happy as he was. He is a handsome golden/lab mix, but as his name hints he is black.

His name was perfect for our daughter too as she can say "night", and "m" words are easier for her to say. I know with repetition, repetition, repetition she will be saying "midnight" before too long!

We put a hold on him on Saturday afternoon with a pick up time of noon today. We wanted to make his transition home very smooth and have everything ready for after all we know all about transitions! Last night we also googled "black" golden retrievers to see if there is such a thing. Well, there is!

One of the theories behind the Black Golden Retriever is that they appear " as the result of recessive gene manifestation". They do happen, but are rare. This was another sign Midnight was perfect for our family. We too have something "rare"...Rett Syndrome.

Everyone in our house was extremely excited to bring Midnight home today. This is our family's first dog. So with this, there are lots of things to get used to. Being calm is first and foremost. This alone will be great for our family. For our first day, things went really well. Besides being a little jumpy, but in a playful manner, he has been great! I think I would be jumpy too if I finally had a family to play and interact with...his jumpy would be my equivalent to talking!

He has definitely taken a bond to daddy...and I hope tomorrow will go smoothly for us when daddy is work. Midnight and I will have some bonding time while the kids are at school.

Looking at his adorable face makes me so happy to have him be a part of our family.

When I put my daughter to bed tonight, she was so calm and happy. I asked her if she was happy and she said, "ya", I then asked her who we brought home today and she said "puppy", followed by what is his name, "my night" and what color is he, "black". She knows her "puppy"! We will get her to say "Midnight" over time, but I think it is precious she called him "my night" in her "knight", who will watch over her.

After we had this little conversation, she rolled over onto her side, faced me, placed her hand on my cheek, gave me a kiss and drifted off to dreamland as I sang to her. I think it is safe to say, she was thanking me for her "puppy"....finally!

Instead of some quotes, here a couple of pictures of our newest addition....

Yes, I need to work on red eye!!!

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