Friday, December 7, 2012

Relaxing against me

Today's gift is relaxing against me.

My daughter really enjoys bath time as she loves the water.  However, she does not like to have her hair blown dry.   I do not like her going to bed with wet hair, as it makes doing her hair in the morning a nightmare.  So knowing she doesn't like the hair dryer too much I have to be creative....and fast.

Our routine is I brush her hair, then she gets two at a time while I'm blow drying her hair...quickly. I make sure she has "her" show on (if you have been following my blog, do you know what she has to watch???) and she is happy.  And there is always a magazine near by!

Tonight was a little different.  We did our normal routine...but after I brushed her hair, before I started to dry it, I felt her tense, anxious little body relax and lean against me.  And then she crossed her legs at the ankles!

I was able to blow dry her entire head...and not rush.   It was so nice to blow dry her hair and not have her head be all over the place. But more importantly, it was so nice to feel her relax and lean against me.

Here are two quotes for today...

Breathe in. Take a deep breath.  Be aware of your body relaxing.  Let out unwanted tension and energy - Laurel Izard

Tension is who you think you should be.  Relaxation is who you are- Chinese Proverb

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