Monday, December 31, 2012

Daddy's Girl

Today's gift is Daddy's girl.

My daughter is definitely a Daddy's girl!

She just loves being around her daddy...whether it is playing ball, swimming in the pool, snuggling with him watching tv....she loves to spend time with him.  You can not only see it in her eyes, but hear it in her voice!  From the way her eyes light up when she sees him first thing in the morning to the joy in her voice "da-ddeeeeeee" when he walks in the door at night from work.

When you have a child who is non-verbal you learn many things.  One of the most special things you learn is your relationship of few words is rich in meaning!  The ole saying "actions speak louder than words" couldn't be more true for us and our relationship with our daughter.

The time they share together is priceless and each moment is filled with memories...big and little!  2012 was filled with new adventures for both of them, with rides in her Wike behind her daddy's bike being one of her favorites.   I can't wait to see what new experiences 2013 brings not only for our whole family, but for a daddy and his little girl!

Here is a quote for today....

My prince did come, his name is Daddy- Author Unknown

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