Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Being Funny

Today's gift is being funny.

I love how my daughter truly has a sense of humor. I equally love how she remembers jokes...her jokes and will say them when prompted and appropriate.

This afternoon was one of those times. My parents were down visiting today and my mom...aka Mimi...said something that she didn't need to say. Meaning, it was one of those comments.

My mom often makes these types of comments so I taught my daughter a while ago the word "duh". Not only does my daughter love to say this word when prompted, but she laughs right after saying it.

When my mom made one of those comments this afternoon, I looked at my daughter and said " what do you say to Mimi?" and she looked right at her and said "duh" with a giggle. Works every time!

I used to have to prompt my daughter by whispering in her ear the word "duh", but now I just say "what do you say to Mimi".....but she knows what to say depending on the situation. For instance in the story today it was the word, "duh", but if Mimi was leaving then she would know to say the word "bye, or goodnight".

My daughter truly amazes me everyday....and I am so happy she can be funny along the way!


Here are two quotes for today...

You have to have a sense of humor about life to get through it- Kesha

One of the things that binds us as a family is a shared sense of humor- Ralph Fiennes


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