Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Little Things #5

Today's gift is the little things #5.

This afternoon my middle daughter (she has been home so far this week with the flu!), son and I picked up my oldest from school.  On the way home I had to run through the drive-thru at the bank.  When we were pulling out of the drive-thru lane I hit the brake suddenly my accident causes the car to stop suddenly.  Which lead to lots of laughter from the back seat!

My husband would say, this is my driving.  I on the other hand have to disagree.  However, my passengers thought it was hilarious and wanted me to do it again...and again...and again.

My oldest daughter was laughing nonstop and saying "e" constantly.  I wish I knew exactly what "e" stood for...but at this moment I knew it had to mean she didn't want me to stop!

Of course I know my car probably didn't like my constant breaking, but the deep belly giggles were winning!

Hearing all three of my kids laughing from the backseat made me smile from ear to ear all the way home.  I loved how they were all laughing at the same thing and sharing in the moment together.  Every time my youngest two would say "do it again", my oldest would say "e, e"....like she was agrEEing with them!

To most people this was just silly fun in the car where the kids were laughing.  To me it was the fact my daughter understood this was funny.  She wanted me to do it again and again.   She was enjoying the moment just like her brother and sister and she was indicating so verbally (even if I didn't understand 100% what "e" meant, I definitely knew it meant she was happy, excited and she wanted me to repeat what I just did).  She was enjoying the moment.

Luckily no one got stomach sick and no one rear-ended us...it was all safe fun!  I was very careful to make sure no one was behind us when I would break.

I love moments like these today.  The ones that are spontaneous.  The ones that are fun.  The ones that make you appreciate the little things.

Here is a quote for today....

Your smile tells me more than words will ever say- Author Unknown

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