Thursday, December 20, 2012

Winter Parties at School

Today's gift is a fun winter parties at school.

Wow, my daughters had a fun day at school as they both had their winter party!  Actually, my oldest celebrated in two classes today.

It is really hard as a parent to split your time between two class parties which happen at the same time. My oldest was supposed to celebrate her parties tomorrow, but both of her teachers switched them to today....three parties, two at the same time and one mom.

Luckily, my oldest had her mainstream winter party at 10:30 this morning!   Yes, a party bright and early.  Her class had a Winter Wonderland theme complete with ice cream sundaes and Frosty the Snowman movie.  Nothing like starting your day with a sugar boost!  Thankfully, my daughter's one to one knows not to give her much more than a taste, especially this early in the morning.  And having two parties in one day makes for eating a lot of junk food!

I loved seeing my daughter in her mainstream class interacting with her typical peers.  She was enjoying the party just as much as them and didn't care if she just had a little bit of ice cream.  Being around her friends was more important to her.

Every year I go to all her class parties and pray she is having a good day and will make it to the party.  I remember last year at this time she was having a rough day and only attended her party for a very short time.  There is always a part of me which worries every year as I walk to her class....but this year she made up for last year too!  She was perfect!

This afternoon she had her Autism Class party at the same time as my other daughter's party.  I knew I couldn't be at two places at once so I chose to go to her mainstream class party instead....and the early time helped too!  However, I still contributed to this party as well.

I arrived to school early before the afternoon parties started and decorated the table for her afternoon party to look like a winter wonderland with snowflakes and snowmen.  I set all the kids place settings and put all the goodies out for them.   I know they were going to have fun, but I had to split my be fair to both girls.

While she was enjoying her second party of the day, I was a photo booth photographer for my other daughter's party.  Being a part of both parties was not only memorable for them, but me too.  Seeing the joy beam from both of their faces as they celebrated with their friends made my day.

What a wonderful way to kick off Winter Break!

Here are two quotes for today....

Happiness is only real, when shared with-  Into the Wild

A friend is someone who accepts your past, supports your present and encourages your future- Author Unknown

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