Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Just go with the flow

Today's gift is just go with the flow.

Do your kids like to try on new clothes...one piece of clothing after another? Mine do not. One or two pieces...ok...more than this and I have better have a treat waiting for them.

My daughter had physical therapy...her last one this week due to Thanksgiving. I asked her therapist last week if she had any ideas for something my daughter could wear to apply pressure to her left hip. You see she is so stiff on this side, she continues to hike her hip up and sometimes will bring it down on her own. If you apply pressure to the area on her hip with your hand she will put this side down. But as soon as you take your hand away, she pulls is back up.

Clearly having our hand on her hip all the time is not the answer. But what is the answer?

Today her therapists were trying a bunch of different options out around her waist and hips. Some with just compression, some with weights and some with both. Every time she would try on something new they also wanted her to walk on the treadmill so they could see if the compression/weight idea would work.

I didn't know how she was going to handle this back and forth. I was hoping and praying she would "just go with the flow". They changed what they wanted to try with her FIVE times. This doesn't seem like a lot to you and I, but to the child who doesn't like to try on new clothes and would rather be on the go...five times seems like five hundred!

She was a champ! She "just went with the flow" and allowed them to try all these different things out on her. Honestly, what I think helped tremendously was the fact my daughter was the only child in there this morning for therapy and she had the attention of two therapists and three assistants....she loves having all the attention on her! She was queen of therapy today and she knew it!

I think we have a plan of what may work, so her "just go with the flow" really helped us today. It could have gone in the opposite direction, but luck for us she was willing to cooperate with us.

Here is a quote for today...

Life is full of surprises, it's best to just go with the flow- Author Unknown

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