Sunday, November 4, 2012

My snuggle bunny

Today's gift is my daughter being my snuggle bunny this morning.

After a long day yesterday we were all wiped out and even let my daughter take a nap yesterday. We typically do not let her nap unless she is sick as we know a nap is the "kiss of death" when it comes to bedtime. This proved true last night.

She had a second wind, was all giggles....and showed no signs of being tired. Finally around 11:35 she drifted off to dreamland.

As I climbed into my bed, I completely forgot about the time change. I was too tired to change the clocks and just hoped our children would sleep in in the morning. Or if they didn't sleep in, my husband would let me sleep in!

Well, one wish came true....can you guess which one?

My husband let me sleep in ( thank you honey! ) however, with the time change the kids did sleep in according to what their bodies are used to.

When it was time for me to wake up, my husband had my daughter crawl up in bed with me to snuggle and the first word out of her mouth, was "mommy" her soft and sweet voice. We snuggled together for a I was nice and warm and didn't want to get out of bed yet.

No words needed to be exchanged between us to make this time together special. But hearing her say my name over and over again with such love was the perfect way to start my day. Moments like these do not seem like much, but they are the moments I remember most. The moments when there are no cares in the world other than each other!

Here are some quotes for today....

A smile a day keeps the grumpies away- Author Unknown

When I pick up one of my children and cuddle them, all the strain and stress of life temporarily disappears. There is nothing more wonderful than motherhood and no one will ever love you as much as a small child- Nicola Horlick

A mother understands what a child does not say- Jewish Proverb

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