Monday, February 18, 2013

A Day at the Salon

Today's gift is a day at the salon.

The kids didn't have school today so I tried to get some things done we normally would do on the a haircut.

I remember the first time our stylist cut my daughter's hair...6 years ago! Over the past six years we have come a long way in what it takes to get her haircut. I used to have to plan the time and make sure it was "just perfect". It had to be the first appointment of the day. I had to come with my bag of tricks, which always included marshmallows and photo albums. I had to pay before the appointment as she is always ready to go after the cut! in the present...she just loves being at the salon. No treats come out unless they have to. She just sits there and lets her stylist cut her hair for 40 minutes! The only thing needed now and then is a movie on my iPhone (to get her to look down) and a water (her version of a Starbucks)! I do still pay beforehand, as it just makes things easier.

All three of us ( me and both of my daughters) go to the same stylist. Six years ago when my husband found out I was paying $42 for her haircut he wasn't too thrilled with the idea. I said, I would pay $142 for her to sit there for 40 minutes and get her haircut, styled and blown dry! Our stylist is so calm and patient with my daughter...and this too is worth every penny...if not more! I think the fact we have been with her for 6 years says a lot.

I love how my daughter can truly enjoy the salon experience like me and her sister!

Here is a quote for today...

Be your own kind of beautiful - Author Unknown

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