Thursday, February 7, 2013


Today's gift is a catnap.

Lately, I have been staying up way later than I need to at night and of course pay for it in the morning (note to self...GO TO BED EARLIER TONIGHT!!!).  Usually I am ok with it until day 3 or 4 when I start to fall asleep at 4:00 in the afternoon.  Today was that day!

My oldest daughter and son were BOTH up at 4:30 this morning!  She was up, as sometimes she gets up early (and of course the days she chooses to rise and shine at an early hour are on the days she could sleep in as she has PT).  My son had donuts with dads today at school AND he was going home with a friend so he was afraid he was going to over sleep and miss everything!

So this afternoon after a fun day with my mom, I was sitting on the sofa with my daughter and son.  My  mom had taken my middle daughter to gymnastics on her way home.  I was at the point where my eyes would not stay open...there was nothing I could do, but let them close for a little bit.  I grabbed my cell phone to set the alarm in case I went into a deep sleep as I had things I had to do.  I looked over at my daughter and her eyes were getting heavy too!  I was excited as we could both take a quick 15 minute cat nap together.

And we did!

It is amazing how just a quick little nap can give you the energy you need.  I was a little afraid I was not going to be able to wake her up OR she was not going to be happy when I did (both of these happen sometimes), but she was in the best mood.

I would not have been able to drift off to sleep for a little bit if it were not for her drifting off to dreamland too.  Obviously, we both needed a little shut eye!

Here are two funny quotes for today...

I wish there was a rollover plan for childhood naps I refused to take- quote from

Taking "naps" sounds so childish, I prefer to call them "horizontal life pauses"- Author Unknown

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