Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Partners in Crime

Today's gift is partners in crime.

I can not tell you how much joy our new rescue dog has brought to our family.  He just fits in like he has been here all along.  I love seeing my kids play and interact with their first dog.  Watching my son run around in the backyard with him.  Watching my middle daughter help him learn his new commands from Doggy Boot Camp.  And watching my oldest with special needs just light up when her "puppy" is around.

A part of me is kicking myself that we did not get a dog sooner...especially since we promised her years  ago if she said the word puppy we would buy her one.  But the other part of me knows we were not ready to add a dog into our family.  Timing is everything and this timing was perfect.

We went back and forth whether to get a true puppy who would grow with our family or getting a rescue dog.  I have to say for us, going the rescue route was the best decision....ever.  We were very lucky in finding Midnight at the SPCA.  As I mentioned in a previous post, he had only one owner who passed away and then came to the SPCA.  He is 2 years old.  Since he came home with us on December 9th he has had ONE accident and that is it!  He sleeps just as long as we do too!!  On his first trip to the vet last weekend for his annual visit, our vet truly believes he is a pure breed flat coated retriever!  Bonus for us!

I honestly can say, I could not have dealt with a true puppy and all the work that comes along with them.  As cute as they are....I think I would give the cuteness up.

After his four weeks of training, he is the most amazing dog.  WOW....it truly is amazing to see the difference in him in such a short time.  He just loves the kids, just as much as they love him.  But I have to say, I think there is one he favorites....for one reason.

My daughter with Rett Syndrome and our dog, Midnight, are quite the team.  Whenever she is eating, he comes right over as he knows there is going to be something that falls so he will get a treat too.  And usually the "something" that falls, is more of a throw on the floor by my daughter as she laughs.  But it doesn't stop at food.  She will watch him get in trouble for taking something, say a sock for instance, and then go over and throw another sock to him!  It is the funniest thing to watch!

This afternoon while she was having her snack on the sofa, Midnight was wandering all around.  There was no room for him on the sofa, so he just sat at my daughter's feet.  She was eyeing him and he was eyeing her.  It was like they were speaking in code.  My guess is she was telling him, she has a little pile of crumbs next to her and to wait until someone gets up.

As soon as my middle daughter got up, the dog jumped up onto the sofa and was burying his head all around my daughter licking all the crumbs he could find.  She was laughing hysterically!  He was even sticking his head behind her back, between her and the sofa and wrapping his head around the other side to see what he could find.  This is the best picture I could get with my angle!  And yes, that is his tongue sticking out!

Midnight definitely knows who will give him belly rubs, who will play rough with him, who will keep him following the rules, who will feed him and who will spoil him!  I know we rescued him...but I think he truly rescued us!

Here is a quote for today....

Dogs have a way of finding the people who need them, filling an emptiness we don't even know we have- Thorn Jones

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