Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Today's gift is

I kept my daughter home one more day to rest as there are so many germs flying around I didn't want her to go to school not feeling at least 90% better. Tomorrow she will go for sure as she really misses her friends!

After I got her dressed this morning and did a dry run with my packing...(I really want to take my suitcase ON the plane with me...) she said "cup", as she wanted something to drink. I told her as soon as we get downstairs I will get her something to drink.

Yes, believe it or not, I did get everything to fit in!

I don't think we were in the family room two minutes when she sat down on the sofa and said, "cup me"!   I said, "I know you want something to drink, I'm getting it" which she replied, "yeah"!
We do not get many two word combinations, but when we do it is not only incredible, but 100% spoken with a purpose!

She is full of surprises and I will definitely be thinking about this gift when I am running 13.1 miles in her honor on Sunday.  Who knows, I may be at the point somewhere along the run where the only words that come out of my mouth will be "" I will be one thirsty girl!

Here is a quote for today...

I love those random memories that make me smile no matter what is going on in my life right now- Author Unknown

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  1. so fabulous! cannot wait to hear about the half! good luck sister! you are going to crush!