Thursday, February 14, 2013

One of My Sweet Valentine's

Today's gift is she is one of my sweet Valentine's.

I was one lucky mommy today...I had FIVE Valentine' husband, my two daughters, my son and the dog!  I was reminded a couple of times today by my son that the dog was also my Valentine.

This morning on our way to PT, I asked my daughter who her Valentine was and with the sweetest little voice she said "Mommy".  My heart melted....not from the face she said I was her Valentine, but from hearing her sweet innocent voice say my name.

At PT my daughter gave her therapist and her assistant a little balloon on a stick with a cute Valentine saying.  She walked right up to her PT with the balloon, started waving it to her and the balloon went flying off the stick!  My daughter started laughing and then said "kaboom"...which then of course had us all laughing...because that is exactly what the balloon did!  I loved seeing her hand out her own Valentine this morning!

While I was putting her to bed tonight, we looked at all her Valentines she received from her classmates.  I loved reading them to her and watching her facial expressions when I would read off a friend's name.  I couldn't agree more with all the sayings on her rock, you are my sunshine, your great, you have a great smile....

But I love how one student, who is a good friend of my daughter's took it a step further.  On her Valentine, she had a picture of a dog.  Knowing how my daughter loves dogs...and has one of her own now....she wrote our dog's name underneath the picture, Midnight.  I was touched at how a friend was thoughtful enough to really make her Valentine personal to my daughter.  I think my daughter really liked it too, when I read it to her!

It was a sweet day!

Here is a quote for today....

The giving of love is an education in itself- Eleanor Roosevelt

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