Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Keyboard

Today's gift is the keyboard.

My oldest daughter does music therapy on Monday afternoons. She loves anything to do with music. After her 30 minute session, her music therapist gives my middle daughter a piano lesson...but we use a keyboard.  It is extremely nice to have one therapy AND extra curricular where I do not have to drive any where!

This afternoon my daughter with Rett Syndrome was really quiet.  We were calling her name and she wasn't coming to us.   So I started looking for her in all her normal hiding places, but she wasn't there. And she wasn't laughing to give herself away either.  The last place I looked was in our front office, where my middle daughter has her keyboard set up.

There she was standing in front of the keyboard!  I am sure she was trying to play it, but it was turned off.  So I immediately turned it on for her and she started to play away!  And I had someone bring me my camera!

I love how she was so interested and wanted to play music.   I was sad how she was unable to come tell me or to yell to me she needed help!  I'm just happy I found her in there while she was still interested and didn't miss an opportunity to hear her play.

Here is a quote for today...

Life is like a piano...what you get out of it, depends on how you play it- Author Unknown

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