Monday, February 11, 2013

Morning Cuddles with her Siblings

Today's gift is morning cuddles with her siblings.

There is not a better feeling than seeing your children acting incredibly sweet to one another....on....their...own!  I think every time I catch them in the act, I am always taking pictures of "the moment".

Probably, because I do not want it to end.

This morning after I got out of the shower, I looked to see if anyone had made their way into our room yet....and this is what I found....

This one shows all three kiddos

But this one shows all three kiddos....and Midnight on the chair too!

There is no better way to start off your day, than seeing this.  I wanted to jump back in bed with them!  Life is full of little moments....enjoy every single one!

Here is a quote for today...

One of the secrets to a happy life is continuos small treats- Iris Murdoch

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