Sunday, February 10, 2013

Lights Out

Today's gift is lights out.

I love it when my daughter with special needs has "typical" moments. They make me so happy...they truly do. I especially love it when the "typical" moment happens to be a funny today's.

This evening we had the kids getting ready for their baths and showers. My daughter with Rett Syndrome was waiting for her bath to fill, my other daughter was in the shower and my son was getting his haircut. All of a sudden we hear my daughter who is in the shower yelling for us. Yelling like the house was coming down.

We went running to her and when we got to her bathroom, my oldest daughter...the one with special needs was outside the bathroom door laughing...

She had opened the bathroom door, turned off the lights on her sister and then shut the door again! Then we all started laughing, as this is such a "typical" prank for siblings to play on each other! Loved it!

Here is a quote for today....

Sisters are like different flowers from the same garden - Author Unknown

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