Monday, February 4, 2013

Up, Down and All Round

Today's gift is up, down, and all around. daughter was all over the place today...from first thing this morning till she crashed in bed. She was up...then she was down...she was up....then she was down....then she was running all around.

I think she was super excited to be back at school. She missed her friends, she missed her routine, she missed learning.

Lunch today at school with some of her "besties"!

I am beyond thankful she can be all over the place, trust me. But I also have to be honest and say it is exhausting to watch. I can't just let her be on the loose...well I could if I didn't care about messes and things breaking. So when she is like the energizer bunny, I (or anyone else who is with her) have to be on her. Not just to protect all the "things" but also to protect her.

Tonight before bed, we just let her get the rest of her wiggles out. Her sister was in our bedroom practicing her gymnastics and my daughter loves telling her when to go "up" into a handstand. Tonight was no different...except when my middle daughter went "up" into a handstand, my daughter with Rett Syndrome went "up" too...into a jump on one foot!

She was moving so fast I couldn't get a good picture of her on one foot...this is the best I got.  But you can see it just coming down and her pointing at her sister to tell her to go back "up"!

Every time her sister did a handstand, she would jump up! But it didn't stop there...after about 5 jumps she would run down the hall and then come back....laughing the whole time. I don't know what got into her today or tonight, but it sure was wonderful seeing her want to try to do what her sister was doing, but on her level.

And there she goes running down the hall!

I think it is safe to say, she will sleep tight tonight! And me too as I am exhausted from just watching her....if I could just have half of her energy...

Here is a quote for today...

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams- Eleanor Roosevelt

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