Saturday, February 23, 2013


Today's gift is encouragement.

I encourage my daughter daily to do and try.  I, like everyone else in our family, want her to be her best.  We encourage her as we know she can do may be hard and/or difficult, but we will help her every step of the way.  Throughout life we sometimes have to work harder to reach certain goals, but having the right people by your side makes all the difference.

Just like I encourage her, she encourages me too!  She works hard at everything she does and it makes me realize just how hard she does work.   Last year, I took on probably the biggest challenge of my honor of my daughter.  I trained for and ran the Disney Princess Half Marathon...13.1 miles.

As you could guess from my previous post, I decided to run it again...tomorrow in fact.  I decided to run for my daughter as she had a rough start to the 2012 (yes..I did mean 2012!) year still recovering and getting her strength back from her tendon surgery.  I decided to run since she had a challenge in 2012, I needed to have one myself.  My daughter is one of the hardest working people I know and through it ALL, she NEVER gives up....but keeps pushing through the challenge.  She is my hero!

My training started in September and it was harder for me this year.  I knew what to expect of the half so I wasn't hard on myself at the beginning of my training.  However, after the holidays I had a big reality check.  I went on a long 9.5 (well it was supposed to be) run and it kicked my butt!  After that run I realized I needed to get myself into the game.  I was running for my daughter and all her challenges and I can not take it lightly or let her down.

I'm here in Disney with my daughters amazing Fairy Godmothers and they too have given me so much encouragement.  I can't wait to kick the asphalt with them in the morning.  I will have my running fairy who I trained with by my side encouraging me every step of the way and my daughter on my mind to help keep me focused.

Here is a quote for today...

Anybody can stand atop a mountain, but few will climb one- Pepper Blair

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