Saturday, January 19, 2013

Being Girly with Pink Chiffon

Today's gift is being Girly with pink chiffon.

Most girls my daughter's age love the store Bath and Body Works. I personally love their candles so I am in there quite often. And my middle daughter asked for a gift card for there for Christmas. It was not until I took my middle daughter there to use her gift card that I my daughter would love this store!

I'm thinking lotions and chapsticks.....while my middle daughter picks up fragrance mists! Really!?? If she is into this....then it only means my oldest peers probably are too. Which means I am way behind!

I know God was looking out for me when he blessed me with a second daughter. She is amazing in so many ways (she truly is a neat kid!), but she also is the one who keeps her "big" sister up to date with what her peers are into. However, with keeping her big sister up to date means she is a little ahead of her times as they are three years apart. I'm okay with this as she is helping her sister.

When my middle daughter came home with her new purchases she let everyone see what she bought...and smell! My oldest loved the smell of the fragrance mist. There were two, but the one she liked the most was pink chiffon. She wanted to use it...often. But her sister wasn't into sharing her "new" things so fast.

Today, I surprised both of my girls by buying my oldest her own bottle of pink chiffon. I do not know which of my girls had a bigger smile on their face! I honestly had no idea she liked something like this as much as she did...probably all the talk at school she has been listening too! I can't wait to hear what fragrances her friends like and for her to share hers.

They all grow up so fast....

Here is a quote for today...

Sugar and spice and everything nice, that's what little girls are made of- Author Unknown

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