Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Helping HER Sister with HER Homework

Today's gift is helping HER sister with HER homework.

I love it when my middle daughter and son help their big sister learn new things.  And I love it when they want to help her with her school work or things she has already learned.  But tonight...we had role reversal....which I think I may love a little bit more!

Every week my middle daughter has a spelling test so we go over her words a couple of times a week.  This afternoon when we were sitting on the couch I asked my middle daughter to bring me her spelling words so we could go over them.  When she handed me the list, I got a smile on my face.

The first word is one of the words her sister can say!!!  So I pointed to the word and told my oldest daughter with Rett Syndrome to ask her sister to spell....and then waited for her to say the word.  I need to prompt her a little bit, but then she said "bubble" loud and clear!  It was such an awesome experience for all of us!!!

Then half way down there was another word....."funny"....and she asked her sister this word too.  Now I will say the "f" sound is hard for her, but I started the word "fun" and she finished it by saying "ne".

It is amazing how something so little (little to most people....HUGE to us) can make your day!  I can honestly say I never thought my daughter with Rett Syndrome would be able to help her siblings with their homework!!!

Here is a quote for today....

Even miracles take a little time- Cinderella

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